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FSC Paper Approved

We encourage customers to make optimal use of our FSC range where possible. FSC stands for the Forestry Stewardship Council, an organisation which lives by one single premise – ‘Forests for all, forever’. FSC approved paper is sustainably sourced to prevent deforestation. Find out more on the FSC webpage.

Saving Our Forests

To provide customers with the right printing solutions to match their business needs, within budget and on-time. To achieve this, we make it our business to keep. up-to-date with developments in printing technologies, processes and procedures. We don't just keep an eye on our own industry, but also on that our customers so that we provide and informed print solution every time for our customer's communication needs.

A simple way to balance the carbon emissions of your printed media and marketing communications



What is Carbon Balanced Paper?

Carbon Balanced Paper enables you to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of the paper used for your printed media and marketing communications. Already one of the world’s truly responsible, sustainable, low carbon products, the average carbon impact of your paper can now be measured and offset through the work of World Land Trust.


How is it achieved?

Carbon Balanced Paper is achieved through the preservation of ecologically important standing forests, under real and imminent threat of clearance, locking in carbon that would otherwise be released and securing continued absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Following the principles of REDD+, this is recognised as one of the most cost effective and fastest ways to arrest the rise of atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects.

Whats the benefits to me?

Carbon balancing your paper will reduce your carbon impact and enhance your brand. You will be issued with a unique World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper logo that you can include on your print to demonstrate and communicate your commitment to reduce your carbon impact. You will also receive a certificate to advise the amount of CO2 balanced and the area of land protected as a result of your positive action.


Why is this important?

Taking positive action with Carbon Balanced Paper helps combat global warming and deliver against your corporate social responsibility.

Businesses, government and the public sector, along with your customers, employees and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental impacts.
Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple choice that will reduce the carbon impact of your printed media and marketing communications, quantifying the amount of CO2 balanced and the area of high value conservation land preserved.

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