What is experiential marketing?

Experiential Marketing Example

Experiential marketing is gaining traction within the business world as a new way of improving the relationship between a business and its clients. With companies such as Carlsberg, Delta Airlines and Pernod Ricard investing in this form of marketing it is a growing phenomenon which will only grow in the coming years.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is a way of creating a tangible experience which appeals to the senses of a consumer and creates a lasting impression of the brand on the consumer, especially if it creates positive emotions which the consumer begins to associate with the brand. In a world where consumers are constantly being bombarded with messages from companies which are too often soon forgotten, experiential marketing aims to create an experience which will stand out in the mind of a consumer, but that they will also share with their social circle.

Experiential Marketing Nissan Leaf

To promote the Nissan Leaf created an Experiential campaign by offering cheap taxi rides. This was supported by consistent branding throughout.

When we consider that experiential marketing is an appeal to a consumers senses getting the visual elements of the campaign is absolutely vital. When printing material for your campaign there is a need to make sure that the main colour matches precisely with your brand colours, after all the hope is that consumers will associate that colour with your brand for a lifetime. For example, it’s difficult to see the word Coca-Cola without thinking of its iconic red colour.

How could Spiral Colour assist with your experiential marketing?

This is where we believe Spiral Colour can assist in making your experiential marketing campaign really connect with consumers. With extensive experience in colour matching we can make sure that your campaign signage and literature is uniform in colour and makes a lasting impression with consumers. An extra dimension can also be added to the experience, for example printing on to fabric provides a tactile sensation which enhances the experience.

We also have expertise in other fields which would be vital in experiential marketing campaign. With experience in designing exhibition stands we can assist in developing an experiential area where your campaign can take place. We are also to offer professional in-house installation services, ensuring that your campaign is installed just as it was envisioned, thus ensuring the experience is just as envisioned. With Spiral Colour’s complement of services we are an ideal partner to help realise the creative vision for your campaign and to create an experience that will never be forgotten.