Unusual Printing Surfaces

Here at Spiral Colour we relish the opportunities to work on jobs which require us to use some unusual printing surfaces. In the past month we have had a number of requests to use our Jetrix press to take some of these unusual printing surfaces, with our clients taking advantage of our printing knowledge to create stunning visuals. We asked our man in charge of the Jetrix press, Simon Brock, to give some insight into how we print onto unusual surfaces to help inspire you in the creation of your next campaign.

Printed Mirrors

Printed mirror, Unusual Printing Surfaces, printing on mirror
The first example of unusual printing surfaces are printed mirrors. As Simon explains most companies will print semi-translucent transfers which are then stuck onto the mirror, hence why the designs on these often peel off. At Spiral Colour we take a very different approach and instead print directly onto the mirror itself. This is achieved by printing colour onto a white ‘primer’ which is applied to the mirror. The results are shown in the image above, with the natural shine of the mirror coming through. Furthermore, where translucency is called for in a design the Jetrix is capable of recognizing this, allowing the mirror to shine through.

Printed Tiles

Printed tiles, unusual printing surfaces
Again, printing onto tiles themselves is something which most companies will simply not do, instead using transfers which either peel off or do not show the texture of the tile below the design. The Jetrix prints directly onto the tile itself which gives a superior look when compared to transfers. Varnish can also be applied as part of the process, ensuring that the tiles will always have a beautiful finish.

Printed Aluminium

Printed aluminium
Printing onto aluminium is perfect when you need to print outdoor that will last. With the Jetrix we are able to print onto aluminium as we would paper, meaning that you can have a full range of colour on any signage you may order. Once again Simon recommends the use of a white base layer on the surface of the aluminium to help enchance the colours. Varnish can also be added to protect the finished product and keep it looking good for years to come.

Printing onto Gold Mirror PVC

Printed Gold Mirror, unusual printing surfaces
Gold Mirror PVC is becoming an increasingly popular request from our clients. We have previously produced items on this substrate which has been used on the sets of television shows and it is frequently requested by clients who want it as part of a strategy of reflecting opulence in their campaigns. Unsurprisingly, thanks to the expertise that Simon has it is no problem to print any designonto the material. We are fully capable of printing in a way which gives a solid colour finish to the product, similar to the image above, or creating a product which has a semi-transparent element which allows the gold material to shine through.

Why print on these materials?

So why should you consider these unusual printing surfaces as part of your next campaign? The answer is simple, they stand out far better than printing on traditional materials and also allow you to communicate with customers in places you never thought possible. Furthermore, the Jetrix can be programmed to complete the full print cycle in a time efficient manner, with a straight four colour application and varnish being applied at the same time. This results in you getting a finished product far quicker, but also results in savings on the amount of machine time being used, meaning the price for Spiral to print these products is far cheaper than it would be for our competitors.

We hope this has inspired you to consider some unusual printing surfaces for your next campaign! If we can lend our expertise in any way feel free to contact us.