Sweet Home Macclesfield

History of Macclesfield

As a company Spiral Colour is proud to call the north east Cheshire town of Macclesfield home. To celebrate our Maxonian status, here’s a random selection of things we know and love about the place.


It  appears in the Domesday Book as Maclesfeld (people’s spelling was terrible in the eleventh century).


The origin of the name is one of the least exciting stories in world history. A man called Maccel had a field. That’s it.


It has shrunk. In the Middle Ages, the hundred of Macclesfield covered most of East Cheshire. Now it’s a medium size town with a population of just over 50,000.


Silk looms large in the town’s history. In 1832 there were 71 silk mills, making it a world centre of the trade. Nowadays there are two silk finishing business here.


If you have an aversion to a certain four letter work beginning with S, stay away from Macclesfield. The football club (newly promoted back to the Football League, Hurrah!) is nicknamed The Silkmen.  The S word also graces loads of other local businesses from chip shops to dental practices to the local radio station. (You can probably guess what the main road through the town is called.) In fact it’s a miracle your favourite printer isn’t called Silk Colour.


The French Revolution played a part in the creation of the Macclesfield silk trade. The revolutionaries banned silk because of its association with aristocrats, and we enterprisingly filled the gap in the market. A number of those modern aristocrats, Premier League footballer, live in nearby Prestbury and Mottram St Andrew.


The monthly Treacle Market owes its name to a legendary incident when a horse-drawn cart overturned and spilt its treacly cargo all over the road. Hungry locals rushed to the scene to scoop up the sweet and sticky stuff. Yum.


Macc has a small but unique place in pop music history. Ian Curtis, tragic lead singer of Joy Division and co-writer of Love Will Tear Us Apart, grew up, lived and died in the town. More recently The 1975 are the most famous local band. We could also mention The Macc Lads, but won’t.


The chance to explore Macclesfield is a great reason to work with Spiral Colour. Getting superb print at great prices is an even better one. Find out more here.