Reverse Graffiti – Effective Guerrilla Marketing

Reverse graffiti example

With marketers coming under increasing pressure to produce effective marketing campaigns on a budget, there is a need for inexpensive tools which can create ‘buzz’ with consumers at very little cost. At Spiral Colour we believe that reverse graffiti is a valuable tool for any guerilla marketing campaign.

What is reverse graffiti?

Reverse Graffiti (or clean advertising) is the process of removing dirt from a surface (such as a pavement) in order to form a text or image. It is popular in built up cities where the pavements are frequently dirty and there is high consumer footfall. Reverse graffiti has been utilised by the likes of Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police and Nissan. Even we at Spiral Colour have tested out some reverse graffiti on the pavement outside our office to striking effect!

Reverse graffiti example

Obviously, if done correctly Reverse Graffiti has the ability to raise brand awareness immeasurably. Consumers are sure to take photos of particularly striking campaigns which would spread across social media creating massive reach for a campaign which only really requires an idea, a template and some water!

The reverse graffiti process

The process of carrying out your own reverse graffiti campaign is incredibly simple. As long as you have a message to communicate all you require is a template (which Spiral Colour can supply to your exact specifications) a dirty area you can clean and some water. The entire process is incredibly quick as demonstrated in our video below:

Reverse graffiti and legality

The big question about reverse graffiti is whether it is legal or not. It can be argued that campaigns do not leave a lasting mark and as such are not illegal. However, some local authorities have raised objections with its use within areas. An example of this occurred within Swindon where a firm were fined for such a campaign by the city council. Our advice at Spiral Colour would be to check with local authorities before using reverse graffiti.

We are very excited about the possibilities that reverse graffiti presents, if you’d like to discuss your ideas with us please don’t hesitate to contact us