Print is Still Great!


It still pays to use print to promote your business in the internet age


Promoting any business, event or good cause is tougher than ever today. Your message has a fight on its hands just to be seen, let alone remembered.



How many media or marketing messages does the average person sees per day? Do a quick Google and you’ll find estimates ranging from 500 upwards. ‘Infobesity’ is the word PR guru Julia Hobsbawm has coined for this overwhelming overload. The question is…how can you stop your very important message from drowning in this torrent of random stuff?


Stand out

There are lots of possible answers: be funny, be scary, be catchy, be beautiful, use the word FREE a lot… All kinds of compelling content can work, but the simplest advice is….be different. And here’s one of the simplest ways to stand out when almost everything (like this blog) is seen on a little screen.


Use print. Billboards, window posters, flyers, banners, placards, stickers, exhibition stands and eye-catching packaging are still enormously effective.



According to research published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, even social media-obsessed 15 to 24 year olds still respond to printed messages. They are 93% more likely than adults to agree that “I’ve often recommended things I’ve seen advertised on posters”.


They also found that people’s average time spent on a news website is five minutes or less. Yet their average engagement with a print newspaper or magazine is closer to twenty minutes.


Mix print with online for the best results

More research, this time from the Direct Marketing Association, shows that the average response rate for a physical (printed) mailshot is 4.4%, against 0.12% for  email marketing message. And even mainly digital ‘cross media’ campaigns work better when a printed component is added to the mix.


Make an exhibition of yourself

Exhibitions and events are still one of the most effective ways to promote a business. This is where high quality design and print are essential to getting your stand noticed and attracting visitors. A few tips for success at exhibitions:


  • Stay simple: trying to get too much information across is fatal. Get people talking to you, and that’s where you can communicate all the detail you like.


  • Brand clearly: make sure your logo, key message and brand colours are visible from the far side of the room and the first thing people see when they walk in.


  • Give things away: leaflets, samples or raffle tickets for the chance to win a prize.


  • Make the stand welcoming. Be sure you don’t put an obstacle like a table between your people and visitors, for example.


Get the right expert help

Whether you want leaflets, brochures, banners or a complete exhibition stand, talk to us at Spiral and you’re guaranteed print that stands out and produces results.