Office Branding

Take your office branding to the next level with bespoke wallpaper

Everyone understands the importance of branding nowadays. It’s essential to communicate what a business does and what it stands for to potential customers, employees… every kind of stakeholder. Obviously, you need to brand yourself on promotional materials and on your website, but if you stop there, you could be missing out on perhaps the most powerful branding medium of them all: your premises. Why just have walls, doors and windows when you can have branded walls, doors and windows?

Office branding means more than just a logo on the door

More and more companies are realising that the very walls of their office space are a blank canvas, just waiting to be given their own powerful identity. Solutions range from unique branded wallpaper to gigantic vinyls or framed prints featuring anything from product photography to eye-catching graphics or inspiring messages.

Wallpaper? Yes really

A bespoke wallpaper featuring the company logo may sound far fetched, but we produce them all the time at Spiral. Doesn’t it take weeks? Not at all. Recently, for example, we created a wallpaper for Wigan Athletic FC featuring their new main sponsor’s logo, starting the job on a Thursday and having everything in place for the big match the following Sunday.

Need more ideas?

Other projects the Spiral team has been involved with range from:
• Wall decals featuring thought-provoking messaging for an advertising agency
• One-off metallic wallpaper design for TV’s Big Brother house
• Brightly coloured door wrappings for a digital agency
• Graphic wall vinyls for a healthcare company
• Signage – internal and external for a letting company’s shop-style premises.

The benefits of branding your office are many. It’s a great way to motivate staff for example, creating working conditions that are cheerier and more inspiring than the usual beige walls.

Looking for a way of branding your offices that works for your space, type of business and budget? You’ll find the Spiral team full of smart ideas and practical suggestions.