You’re about to make an exhibition of yourself, so you might as well do it properly.


Exhibitions and trade shows are essential to most businesses. And the one unavoidable fact about such events is that they cost money. You have to rent space and transport your people and merchandise there, so it’s essential to get the optimum return on your investment.

That means attracting the right visitors in the right numbers. So what can you do to maximise your stand’s impact? Remember, we’re talking about an environment in which everyone else is also trying to get noticed.


At Spiral and Banner Printing Android in Macclesfield we create all kinds of stands and exhibition accessories for all kinds of companies. Our work ranges from spectacular made to order masterpieces to simple, low cost pop-up stands. All that experience and expertise is yours for the asking when you talk to us. Here are just a few examples of our exhibition stand wisdom to whet your appetite.

It’s your shop window

Attendees should notice your stand straight away, and be in no doubt about who you are and what you do. As with any shop window, the purpose is the draw passers-by inside, especially the ones who are on their way to see someone else.

Harness your brand power

The starting point for your stand should be your logo and any other distinctive design features from your branding, packaging, livery and website. Base the design around your brand colours and fonts and you’re off to a great start.

Give your stand a focal point

One of the keys to effective design is to ensure that the most important thing gets noticed first. This is the focal point and everything else should work around it. If too many graphics or messages are fighting for attention, potential customers will walk past your stand, heading for somewhere less confusing.

Say one thing well

Think about the main message your stand exists to communicate, and make that the focus. No doubt there are lots of other things you want to tell your customers, but the time for that is when you speak to them, when they read your literature or when they visit your website. Your stand’s main display only needs to do one thing: get them onto the stand and make them want to know more. So make it compelling and keep it simple.

Be spacious and inviting

Stands are small spaces by their very nature, so that’s another reason to keep things uncluttered. If your stand looks crowded because you’ve attracted a crowd, congratulations. But if it looks crowded because you’ve filled it with superfluous items, that’s an own goal.

Let’s talk

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