Vinyl Graphic Installation at Westfield Health

As well as creating and installing personalised wallpaper at Westfield Health, we were also asked to take on the task of creating bespoke interior graphics for each level of the building on the staircases.

Office Survey

Before starting work on the project, we sent a team to Westfield Health to undergo a survey. They took a look at where the vinyl and graphics could be placed and how we would design them, as well as discussing what kind of paint needed to be used on the walls. Once the survey had been complete, it gave us a better idea on where designs would be positioned making it easier for us to get a head start on the project.

Staircase Vinyl Graphic Designs

Throughout the project, the team would have to print, plot and cut to shape the designs for the interior graphics and vinyls. The vinyls were put in place without fully applying them, to make sure that Westfield health were happy with the positioning of the vinyls before applying them permanently. When choosing the colour of the vinyls, we made sure with the customer that they had been approved to ensure the perfect look.

The vinyl graphics were printed on our high quality UV press, giving longer life to the graphics. As you can see in the images above, the number of each floor has been highlighted in orange to stand out so you know which floor you are on. There was also a different saying added to each level to almost interact and encourage people to use the stairs. Using the stairs also saves on electricity as less people are encouraged to use the lift.


Interior Graphics Installation

As always, we send out dedicated, experienced and highly skilled members from the Spiral Colour team to install the bespoke creations. The reason that we do this is so that you don’t have the hassle of having to find someone to install your items, and we know that the job is going to be done properly.

Contact Spiral

If you would like to hear more information about vinyl graphic designs created at Spiral Colour, or would like to know how we can benefit your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01625 435130. You can also reach us by emailing