The Invosys Graffiti Project

The Spiral Printing team had been put to the test with the Invosys project. With just two day to transform the whole look of Invesis, our team had no time to waste!

Invosys Site Survey

Around a month before we started the project, we sent a team down to Invosys to undergo a site survey and meet with their designers. This is where we would look at the placements of graphics and how we would prepare to have the business transformed in just two days. We discussed how graphics would be designed and put ideas together so that we would make the most of those designs. We even discussed the colour of the wall paint to match the colours of the Invosys logo.

About The Invosys Event

Invosys held a Graffiti themed event for all of their employees at the end of the week and asked us to create Foamex signs, table menus, decorations, roller banners and more. Once we had set the room up for the event to take place, the job hadn’t finished there! We then took to the offices to work during the night, all day Saturday, and Saturday night too.

Before employees entered the room, they were greeted by an Invosys roller banner supplied by ourselves. They would then sit down at their table where they could have a go at graffiti themselves as small, blank graffiti boards were supplied on each table.


Blank Graffiti Board

Invosys asked for a blank board to be supplied and had a professional graffiti artist work on it during the whole event. Towards the end of the event, employees were asked to come and add their own small graffiti design to the board to make it more personal to the company. Once the event had finished, our team took the board and installed it in one of the board rooms.

Graphics Installation

The graphics for the main event had been installed by 3pm on the Friday and we then moved upstairs to transform the offices. The office walls were painted orange and canvas style foamex boards on aluminium stand-offs were installed on the walls too. The reason that we had to work through the evening was to ensure that the offices had been transformed for the staff to walk in to a nice surprise at 8am on the Monday morning.

All of the graphics were install by our very efficient installation team. The reason that we have our own installation team is so that you don’t have to hire another team to install the graphics that we have printed. Doing this could cause confusion and we also like to over see the project from start to finish to ensure that it has been done correctly.

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