Site Hoarding

Spiral Colour are experienced construction site hoard specialists, both in print and installation. Our high quality printed boards and in house-installation will ensure a professionally planned, printed and installed hoarding graphics.

When a client of Parker Designs required hoarding graphics installed to an existing 45 metre stretch of hoarding Parker Designs had no hesitation in coming to Spiral Colour to work on a solution to the problem.

site hoarding

As part of the expansion of the Metrolink across Manchester City Centre the sewers under the new Metrolink tracks had to be checked by Parker’s client. In order to create a safe work space for both the workers carrying out the checks and the general public who would be passing along Cross Street (where the hoarding is currently in place.)

An added benefit of the hoarding was the creation of a great opportunity for local retailers. The hoarding also doubles as directional signage around Manchester, with many nearby stores being highlighted. The hoarding also informed the public of what work was being carried out and why.

The designs created by Parker Design were then transferred onto a millimetre accurate plotted diagram of each board along the hoarding.

Spiral Colour’s in-house fitters spent time prior to the installation of the graphics measuring the inclines and declines in ground level. This is quite painstaking, but enables us to present the designers with an accurate diagram of each panel will position itself with it’s neighbouring panel.

As we presented the diagram in a scale InDesign file it enables the designers to place their design onto accurate, print ready artboards. This eliminates the chances of having uneven and misplaced text and graphics. Our team will also make sure the designers are aware of obstructions. In this case a refuse bin would have blocked out a crucial part of the message if it wasn’t for the site survey.

The panels were printed on Dibond using a Jetrix 3015 press, giving a fantastic, high resolution finish. The boards were also coated with anti-graffiti laminate. This laminate allows relatively aggresive cleaning fluids to be used to clean graffiti without damaging the graphics.

The work was carried out by our in house installers outside of peak hours so they didn’t hamper pedestrian traffic.