Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

Marketing Cheshire approached Spiral Colour to help brand their 4mx3m shell scheme space at ‘The Meetings show’ held at the London Olympia in July 2015. As part of the solution Marketing Cheshire needed graphics producing for two walls of the stand they would be occupying, a point where staff could welcome visitors and seating and tables for four of Marketing Cheshire’s partners to hold meetings.


The first problem we addressed was the graphics which would be used in the shell scheme. It was decided that this would be a chance to test our the new Curvorama system, which allows graphics to be displayed from wall to wall, uninterrupted by the shell scheme posts. (find out more about how the Curvorama works here) The Curvorama could have also been used as a free standing unit if necessary. The graphics that were to be applied onto the Curvorama were produced on the Jetrix 3015 flatbed press. This gave the graphics optimum print quality which was important due to how close potential customers would be to the graphics when viewing them.

The second part of the solution concerned the branding of the 4 tables and 8 seats which Marketing Cheshire required. In order to do this we printed the logos of four companies which Marketing Cheshire work closely with. These logos were printed onto Easy Dot removable vinyl and applied to the tables. We chose to use this type of vinyl due to its durability and the ease with which the vinyl can be removed from the tables after the exhibition. In terms of seating it was decided to use fully printed cube seats which would bear the logo of Marketing Cheshire. These fully branded seats complimented the shell scheme graphics and made a comfortable alternative to normal exhibition style chairs. These seats are also easy to store which is advantageous for after the exhibition.

In order to provide a point for Marketing Cheshire to welcome potential clients we used a simple lectern. This was created from the two transit cases used to transport the graphics wrapped with a graphic printed at 1440 dpi on to matt polypropylene and coated with an anti-scuff laminate. The lectern also had a branded top added to it and was used to house a laptop and monitor. To really create a welcoming environment we also printed a carpet which was fully branded, increasing the brand presentation on offer.

In order to ensure that the exhibition stand was professionally finished our in-house installation team traveled to the exhibition space before the opening of the exhibition. In addition to this we checked all the graphics before they left the factory and photos were sent to the client for approval.