Pull Up Banners for Marks & Spencer Food Event

When Marks & Spencer required their branding to be prominent at a recent M&S food event, they turned to Spiral Colour’s online site www.bannerprintingandroid.co.uk to give them a cost effective branding solution.

The high quality of their product meant that they needed equally high quality printing from our wide format presses, particularly as the pull up banners themselves were designed in a rich, 4 colour black. Our Jetrix flatbed press printed the pull ups at 1440dpi creating a very flat ink coverage, and ensuring the print quality was up to Spiral Colour standards.

Cost Effective Pull Up Banners, with Quality Guarantees

Because the roller banners were needed on a short term requirement, we discussed the options open to M&S. The Value Roller Banner is our most effective pull up banner unit which is guaranteed for 12 months and was perfect for Marks & Spencers short term requirements. The banner was printed at our usual high resolution, onto an anti-curl, stoplight substrate, which is exactly the same quality we print on to all of our roller banners. The banners are supplied in individual carry cases and weighs less than 7kg, making transit easy and hassle free.

Quick Delivery Times

Our usual lead time is between 3 to 4 days from receipt of artwork to delivery, however our client needed a quick response from us to ensure delivery to their address in London with time to spare. Spiral Colour can usually adapt production schedules to increase production capacity, and we were able to print twelve roller banners and deliver within 48 hours.

To discuss your pull up banner requirement in more detail, please call our Print Managers on 01625 435130 or visit our roller banner page for to see videos and descriptions of a few of the models we produce. We do have a full range of pull up banners from double sided, 2 metre wide to desktop versions of the Value Banner, we would be delighted to help you find the right product for you.