Printed Scaffold Sheeting

At Spiral colour, we can provide your company with printed scaffold sheeting and provide you with free UK mainland delivery.

Why Have Printed Scaffold Sheeting?

There are many reasons as to why printed scaffolding sheeting could benefit your business and the building site that you are working on. Whilst builders work, instead of passers by having to look at an eye sore, they will see a printed banner to take away their attention from the scaffolding.

Also, if a company doesn’t want anyone seeing what’s going on in the building site, the printed scaffold sheeting will stop anyone from seeing through the scaffolding and into the building site.

Maybe yourselves or another business are looking to advertise in the area. What better way to advertise than on a high building with plenty of locals taking a look to see what’s going on?!? If another business were to offer to advertise on your scaffolding, you may end up making some money to pay toward scaffolding costs.

Scaffolding Sheet Printing Materials

We can provide you with different types of printed scaffold sheeting materials. We can print using high quality PVC sheets, reflective materials or mesh. All types of scaffold sheeting are weatherproof, hard wearing and long lasting. We also use UV inks to ensure that the design doesn’t fade. This will make the printed scaffold sheeting stand out to the public for a long period of time, making the most out of the advertising potential.

Scaffold Sheeting Design

If you have had your scaffold sheeting designed then we are more than happy to print off for you. However, if you don’t have a design already prepared for us, we can create one for you. By providing our design team with a few details about your business, we will create you the perfect scaffold sheeting.

Contact Spiral Colour

If you would like to get in touch to hear more information about how we can provide your business with high quality printed scaffold sheeting, or would like to hear more about any the services that we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact the Spiral team on 01625 435130. You can also get in touch by emailing your query to