Printed Roller Banners for Microsoft

When Microsoft needed to aid the Mix Radio PR campaign, a commercial free, personalised radio station available on Nokia and Lumia mobile devices, they required a presence at press release photography shoots. Formerly Nokia Mix Radio, the radio station is now looking to broaden its horizons and may become available on Apple and Android devices.

When Microsoft needed Roller Banners quickly, Spiral were able to help

The radio station is available on Nokia and Lumia devices and the more you listen, the more the playlist is tailored to suit your music taste. Completely free of charge the Mix Radio App required some presence in photo-shoots.
The Orient Roller Banners were chosen because of their 5 year hardware guarantee and durability, and Spiral sprung into action to produce the banners within 48 hours. Microsoft used Spiral Colour to produce their collateral and ordered online after talking to our print managers to find out which model of roller banner best suited their needs. Project Manager Jason Foster followed the job through all parts of production until they arrived at Microsoft in Bristol.

We can help you find the right roller banner for your project, with such a comprehensive range of banner stand solutions, we’ll make sure you find the right one.

A Full range of roller banners is available at Spiral Colour which start with a budget roller banner at £39.80 which has a 1 year hardware guarantee, to other roller banners which include mid and premium range banner stands. We also have roller banners in stock that cover 1.2metre, 1.5 metre and 2 metre wide, as well as 3 metre tall pull up banners.

We have video’s and descriptions on our sister website Banner Printing Android which is dedicated to roller banners, but if you would like to discuss what you need with one of our print managers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help.

A few things to consider when choosing your roller banner

How long do you need your roller banner to last? There’s no need to pay a fortune if you are only going to use a roller banner in the short term. Even our basic Value Banner has a 1 year hardware guarantee, so it will last if it’s only having a limited use.

Is the roller banner being used outdoors? Most roller banners don’t like the rain, and are so light weight that a small breeze will topple them over easily. For outdoor events there are a number of banner stands specifically designed for the great outdoors.

Ensure image quality is high. Our pre-press department will always flag-up images that won’t work. It’s important in wideformat printing that you have good quality images.
If you are designing your own and would like to talk to our print managers or pre-press, please call 01625 435130.