Printed Header Cards

Header Card Printing and Finishing for Stormguard.

Spiral Colour print many different kinds of packaging, in particular header cards which are used on many products in many of Europe’s biggest retailers. Everything is done in-house, here in Cheshire, using our specialist litho and digital printing presses, platens and gluing machines. Our experience in printing and finishing header cards goes back to 1974 when Stormguard Sills invested in their first printing presses. Today Spiral Colour print both long and short run quantities, and our specialist finishing machines allow for a cost effective solution for small or large quantities.

header cards

How we do it – Header Cards printed on DI Litho or Digital Presses<./h2>

The process of printed packaging has several stages each of which are carried out by the appropriate department. Starting by printing the flat artwork, our Truepress lithographic printing press produces thousands of sheets an hour. The artwork is checked for colour match as the job is going through to make sure that each and every sheet will be correct. If smaller quantities are required, we use our various digital printing presses.

Creasing Header Cards.

Once printed, the sheets that will become header cards are taken to the creasing and cutting area where the next step of the process takes place. The oldest machine we have at Spiral Color, the Heidelberg Double Crown (which dates from 1959), individually creases each sheet depending on the cutting form that is used. The creases are needed to shape the header cards further down the chain.

Cutting the Header Cards.

After being folded the header cards are then taken to our guillotine to have surplus card removed. The guillotine allows for the precise cutting of sheets to ensure that there is no wastage and that all cards will be identical. At this point all trimmed material is put in for recycling, ensuring that the header cards are produced in an eco-friendly manner.

cut header cards

Finishing the Header Cards.

The final stage is perhaps the most vital in ensuring that the header cards are finished to a high standard as the individual sheets are fed through our high performance hot melt equipment. The journey through this process can be broken down into three steps. The first step sees the cut packaging, still flat, fed through the gluing machine where it is one of the sides of the card is folded.

The next step sees the cards have glue heated to 180C applied to the other side of the header card. The glue is applied automatically which ensures the correct amount of glue is applied to each card. It also removes any risk of operators being scalded by the hot glue. At this stage any eyelets for the products to go through are cut.

In the final part of the finishing stage the two folded section of the header card is folded onto the glued section in a swift motion, before being rolled to ensure that the glue is in fully contact with the other surface. The roller also ensures that the cards are straight and uniform in size. The header cards will then be fed into packaging materials waiting at the end of the machine where they can then be sent to clients. In total a card is in the process takes less than 10 seconds!

The gluing machine can be set up depending on the style of packaging that is being finished, we have previously created keycard holders for hotels, boxes and other items of packaging using the same system.

The finished packaging is then added to the product which is shrink-wrapped to include the header card and then send out to retail.