Printed Construction Site Hoarding with Mirrored Dibond

When Parker Design’s Production Manager, James Harwood, wanted to shield an unsightly works from public view, his brief to inform and protect the general public was taken on by Spiral Colour’s printed hoarding team. Situated at Ennerdale Water in the Lake District National Park, the project required sections of hoarding to “reflect the beauty of Ennerdale.” This was achieved by using mirrored Dibond, an aluminium composite hoarding with a highly reflective finish. The subtle message was printed by our Jetrix flatbed press in primer and white ink, and positioned so the hoarding reflected the rolling hills and Ennerdale to the thousands of walkers attracted to one of the Lake Districts most appealing lakes.

The resulting hoarding made for quite a new experience for ramblers. Social Media tags were added and many people were able to picture themselves amongst the beautiful Ennerdale countryside thanks to the hoarding. The hoarding also delivered the message the client required.

”The above ground hoarding system is perfect for those areas where holes in the ground aren’t possible…”

To add to the brief, United Utilities needed to limit contamination to the grounds, and we opted for an above-ground hoarding system. This system is erected quickly using a scaffold and block system which means no holes are dug. The 750 kilo concrete blocks support posts which are centred subject to wind load calculations. We then added the mirrored Dibond hoarding panels using our site survey maps and observations.

Printed Hoarding Graphics – Site Survey

Our site survey took place a month before the project got underway, and a full assessment was taken to assess how the hoarding would be constructed, and most importantly how the message could be conveyed. This instruction to the Parker Design creative team included a millimetre accurate template in InDesign. This template allows the designers to take uneven ground and hills into account when they are designing. It also offers instructions on any obstructions such as posts and signage which may impede on the message. Working with the designers at Parker Design we have found this useful when the printed hoarding message wraps itself along the length of the hoarding. This negates the need to only design to each individual panel which greatly restricts the size of your message and indeed, the creative flare shown by the designers.

Additional printed hoarding graphics, mesh banners and PVC banners were used to complete the site, giving the whole construction site a means of communicating the reasons for the essential work taking place at Ennerdale.

We are active with printed hoarding projects across the UK

If you would like to discuss your hoarding project in more detail, we would be delighted to talk and offer our advice either by phone or on site. Our aim is to make your hoarding project as safe, cost effective and as easy as possible for you. We look forward to talking to you.

Where cost is paramount we can offer different ways of displaying your message, printed site hoarding and hoarding graphics can be produced in different substrates and in different ways, let our team help with your site hoarding message.