NCR Duplicate Pads

NCR paper is an alternative to carbon copy paper which allows a written impression to be made by exerting pressure onto the top copy of the pad. Spiral can produce NCR pads with 2, 3 or 4 pages per set and produce a number of different coloured NCR pages – White (usually the top copy) blue, pink or yellow.

The Intu Trafford Centre uses a number of duplicate and triplicate forms for internal use, allowing copies to be made and thus easily recorded. They are printed on our DI Litho press which is perfect for the small quantities required. The DI litho press creates its own plates, reducing the costs significantly for short run litho work such as these NCR duplicate pads.

Whilst the NCR pads pictured have a card to separate the sets to prevent sets below being spoilt, our clients have the option to include a front cover that can be wrapped under the bottom copy of the set. We can also number each set accordingly. We can also print NCR paper digitally if smaller quantities are required.

Numbered Duplicate Pads/Perforated Duplicate Pads

Spiral also have finishing machines that are able to make more of your NCR duplicate pads.
We can add numbering to each set* up to 6 figures which enables you to group sets together where necessary.
If leaves of the set are to be removed we can also add perforation to the pages, make it easier to remove the relevant document from the pad when required.
* A set is the group of leaves or pages required. So 50 sets of duplicate would equal 100 pages – 50 sets of triplicate would equal 150 pages per NCR pad.

Please don’t hesitate to call our print managers to discuss your NCR duplicate pads in more detail.