Modular Exhibition Stands

The Brookfield Rose group needed a portable and modular exhibition stand to showcase three of their companies at two shows in the UK.
The trouble was that the layouts for both shows were completely different. In order to keep the process of designing and producing as cost and effective as possible we at Spiral Colour offered a solution which would be usable for both of the shows.

de Poel, Flo and Paraplus needed to show their own branding within the Brookfield Rose exhibition at the shows. In order to accommodate these requests we suggested to Brookfield Rose that they use a modular exhibition stand – the Twist.

modular exhibition quote

The Twist Exhibition Stand

The Twist is an extremely versatile display unit, which is based on the Twist banner stand and a flexible panel. The flexible panel is capable of twisting in every direction. This gives the stand a distinct advantage of being able to adapt to different sizes of shell scheme, meaning that companies do not have to order a new set of graphics for each exhibition that they attend. This is a distinct advantage over using other types of stand which may not offer the same degree of flexibility and adaptability.

As Brookfield Rose required all three companies on one stand for the first show and split for the second, the Twist was perfect. By designing three spaces within the one stand it meant that the client could easily split each of the separate displays into whichever way was required. This meant that when the shows called for the three companies to be split up it was easy to do, with the Twist being easily broken down into separate sections.

Since our initial work with Brookfield Rose they have done a number of shows. They have updated and expanded the exhibition displays where necessary thanks to the simplicity of changing graphics with the Twist scheme. Overall the choice of hardware has led to a simple, seamless and very cost effective solution for the client.