Metallic Point of Sale Graphics

In order to promote their products being sold in the flagship John Lewis’ store on Oxford Street in London, James Read Tan wanted to create a point of sale display that would really catch they eye. One of their designers, Matthew Gill, had created a visually appealing point of sale display. As part of the design the client required the usage of metallic gold graphics to support the James Read Tan branding. As this was a challenge we had faced before in creating wall coverings for use on Big Brother set, we at Spiral Colour knew we could replicate the vision the client had.

Printing on metallic gold.

To print the metallic gold graphics we used a gloss gold vinyl from Flexis. There were two distinct panels which needed creating – a front panel bearing the James Read branding and side panels bearing a striped design. To create the front panel we used the Jetrix 3015 to print white onto gold vinyl substrate. By doing this we were able to reverse out the areas in gold to create the desired effect. The same substrate was used for the striped panels which had two hits of gold applied to create an opaque white.

point of sale quote

Printing photographic elements.

In order to print the parts of the POS display that contained photographs we used a white vinyl and once again used the Jetrix 3015 to produce these. In order to maintain the high quality that these photographs had, we chose to print at a high resolution. Whilst this resulted in more machine time being required to produce the graphics the client felt this was worthwhile in order to get the best possible finish.

The finished product

After we had finished printing the graphics these were sent to the client for installation in John Lewis’. When completed the choice to use the metallic vinyl really came into its own – as light hit the metallic graphics it was reflected to the tiled floor below, creating a beautiful gold glow on the floor surrounding the display.

Overall this has shown how metallic vinyls can be used as part of a POS display, especially when attempting to create an aura of opulence. Once again credit must go to Matthew Gill for this fantastic design and we thank James Read Tan for choosing us to create this visually amazing display.