Personalised Wallpaper Designed by Local Artist

Personalised Wallpaper Printed & Installed

Design agency MMP were commissioned to design the internal and external branding for Westfield Health’s flagship offices in the heart of Sheffield.  They approached Spiral Colour to manage the printing and installation, including this bespoke wallpaper illustrating Sheffield’s famous landmarks.

Spiral Colour’s expertise came to the fore in this project.  Included in the office branding were wall graphics, a graffiti wall and wallpapers.  The installation of these graphics needs experience and expertise and we were delighted with the outcome.

Working With Personalised Wallpaper

The Spiral team were asked to work with MMP in Manchester to brand all nine floors of the Westfield Health building. We also worked along side Westfield Health and an artist by measuring up the walls to be covered during numerous site visits.  The Sheffield artist was commissioned by Westfield Health to design a wallpaper as part of a refurbishment of their new headquarters on Charter Row in Sheffield.

As you can see in the picture above, the design consisted of various landmarks (including the Westfield Health building) situated around Sheffield. The Spiral team suggested sizes to suit a repeat pattern on the wall which as you can see, now looks fantastic! The wallpaper was installed by our experienced team who overlapped then spliced the joins to create a flush finish to the graphic throughout the length of the walls.

Vinyl Wallcovering and Wallpaper

It wasn’t just the wall above that we helped with, we helped with the graphic design, printing and also the installation of graphics on each set of stairs and many other walls around the building. Our experienced team were very pleased with the results. The reason why we don’t just stop at printing is because we want to make it easy for you whilst achieving the best results available. We like to help by giving a personal touch and installing the designs ourselves, it also means that there are no confusions along the way.


Interested in Personalised Wallpaper?

If you are interested in having help with graphic design or you would like printed wallpaper designed and installed for your business, or even if you are looking to have different types of graphics installed, please don’t hesitate to visit our website here. You can also call us on 01625 435130.