Football Signage – Before & After

The Lincoln City hut was in need of a little TLC. An eye sore to the fans and not a good look around the inside the ground, something needed to be done to tidy it up. Lincoln City FC decided that they would let a company sponsor the hut to give it a fresh and appealing look around the ground for the new season.

Lincoln City FC Site Survey

We sent a Spiral Colour team member to undergo a site survey on the football signage for the Lincoln City hut. We discussed colours and materials as well as taking measurements to take back to the workshop. This makes it easier for us and cost effective for the end user as time will be saved by designing and cutting the boards to measure at Spiral.

Materials Used for the Lincoln City Football Signage

The materials that we agreed to use to create the signage was foamex. Foamex is a completely rigid and an all weather plastic board that is strong and durable. The life of one board is usually up to five years. Non-fade UV Inks were used to print the signage, making them very high quality and ensuring that the printing won’t fade.

Uni Imps Fixture Board

We also created two fixture boards to install around the ground for the fans. As well as printing the relevant contact information to find out information about upcoming games, we also added detachable boards for changeable times, fixtures and dates. Again the fixture board was created with foamex materials to ensure that it is highly durable in all weather conditions.


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