A1 Posters for Co-op Easter Egg Donation in Cheshire

We were asked by the Co-Op to produce A1 posters for their Easter fundraiser. After seeing such a success with the Easter egg donation project last year, the Co-operative and the NHS have decided to host the project again this year. The aim of the event is to help children who have experienced bereavement at home.

Spiral have teamed up with Co-op and the NHS to sponsor their Easter egg donation event this year. We have printed posters to be placed in Co-op stores all over Macclesfield. Last year, hundreds of Easter eggs were donated and had a positive impact on many happy children. This year, we want to see more eggs donated and we think the #eggstraspecialeaster will help. The Co-op came up with the # to get people talking about the event.


Having #eggstraspecialeaster printed on every poster will hopefully get the phrase talked about all over the local area and get more people to donate an Easter egg. The # is used when talking about a certain topic on social media using the likes of Twitter and Facebook. If someone searches for the words used in the #, people will find others who are talking about the same topic. We’d love to see this create a snowball effect and see thousands of eggs being donated this year!

High Quality Printing

We used our UV printer when creating the Easter egg donation posters. This means that the ink won’t fade and the posters will look great for as long as they are needed. The size of the posters were A2 and A1. We added bright colours so that the poster brings attention to passers by who will hopefully take notice and donate to the cause.

Donate Your Egg Today!

If you would like to donate an Easter egg to the cause, there are different locations to drop your eggs off as you can see on the poster above. Please donate your eggs between 1st April & Thursday 13th to the locations provided on the poster.

Find out more about the NHS and the Co-operative’s amazing work.

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