Car Wrapping in Cheshire

Cheshire Car & Motorcycle Wrapping Services

At Spiral Colour, we have many different services available to suit our customer’s needs. For those who are looking to change the colour of their vehicle, we provide a service for car wrapping in Cheshire. Book an appointed and we can discuss wrapping colours, design and placements etc to make sure that you receive the best quality finish possible.

Car & Motorcycle Wrapping

If you are looking to have your company vehicle wrapped with your logos and information, or need to have your sponsors wrapped onto your vehicle, we can help. Placements of logos and text can often be difficult. for example, door handles could get in the way and make images and text look out of place. You also want your information to be made aware of right away, as people only have a matter of seconds to see your vehicle. This is why we configure the design first before we wrap any vehicle.

If you are looking to have a vehicle wrapped to a different colour, this can be done too. We make sure that the job is done perfectly. This will include removing items from the vehicle, wrapping them and replacing to get the perfect finish.

Why Wrap your vehicle?

Wrapping a vehicle can often be cheaper than having the whole vehicle re-sprayed. Also, some people may want to change the colour of their vehicle every so often. This means that wrapping can be taken off and replaced with a different colour when needed.

Some car owners may only own their vehicle for a certain number of years. By wrapping their vehicle, they will have their desired colour and keep the paint underneath protected. This way the vehicle can be returned in pristine condition ready to receive your new one!

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If you would like to learn more information about car wrapping in Cheshire, or would like to book your vehicle in with us, please don’t hesitate to call our team on. You can also get in touch by emailing us at.