Bespoke A4 Leaflets with Pullout

Cheshire East Council have recently been working with Charles Mason on a campaign to raise awareness of the need for foster carers in the region. Part of this campaign involved the handing out of leaflets at the Cheshire county show. However, with many companies dispensing leaflets at the show there was a need to make a leaflet that would prove memorable.

To that extent Charles Mason designed a leaflet promoting fostering as a ‘career that’s out of this world.’ Tieing in to this message the leaflet was designed to include a pull out paper glider which resembled a space shuttle. With such an ambitious design for a leaflet Spiral Colour’s expertise was required.

bespoke leaflets

How Spiral contributed

The leaflets were printed on a digital press which meant that the leaflets could be produced at a lower cost than if other methods of production had been used. In order for the pullout gliders to be strong enough to glide after they had been folded it was decided that the best option would be to us an 160gsm uncoated to print the leaflets.

After the leaflets had been printed the outline of the pullout glider was die cut to ensure the all the perforations were uniformly spaced and could be easily removed. The paper was also creased along the folds of the glider to ensure a strong fold when the glider was constructed.

Finally, the leaflets were trimmed to a uniform size and were packed suitably to ensure that they were not damaged in transit and that they would be protected if the weather at the Cheshire show was less than pleasant!

This has been a project that we have enjoyed working on and has pushed us to find solutions to problems that we do not usually face.

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