Anoto Digital Pen Print Solution

The NHS started to use the Anoto Digital Pen solution in 2012 and Spiral Colour being one of only three licensed Anoto print partners in the UK, tendered and won contracts to provide forms with the Anoto dot pattern, to the NHS.

The Anoto digital pen solution has many uses. It is used in healthcare, education, courier logistics, sales order processing amongst many other industry specific uses.

How Does Anoto Work?

The Anoto digital pen writes like any other pen, but it has a tiny camera mounted which reads the unique dot pattern as it writes across the paper. This information is stored and then sent as a PDF to your server, enabling live digital copy of your paperwork.

The dot pattern printed can be unique to each page and user, giving security to individual paperwork previously at risk of human error. The dot pattern has to be checked and confirmed regularly throughout the print run and can only be printed by licensed Anoto Print Partners. Spiral Colour spent 12 months acquiring the license in 2011 and produces Anoto Pen forms and NCR pads for a number of large and small companies and organisations including the NHS.

How Do the NHS Use The Anoto Pen?

It is currently used by the NHS for a number of applications, but perhaps the best case study is the booklets we produce for maternity patients.

With each maternity booklet containing 28 pages of regularly updated information during the nine months of pregnancy and up to 1 year after the birth, each page contains a unique dot pattern. Each book has a set of unique dot patterns which identifies each patient individually.

The information recorded throughout the pregnancy was inputted twice. Once into the patients book and then digitally onto NHS systems. The Anoto Pen solution reduced this workload by accurately recording whatever was written into the patient’s book directly into a PDF.

The pen itself is able to do any number of tricks including PDF playback, addition of colours and whatever the Data Solution Providers are able to add into its impressive capacity.

Below is a video made by Data Solutions Provider and Anoto Partner Destiny plc. Who are responsible for many Anoto forms that we print…

How Do I Learn More About The Anoto Digital Pen?

In the first instance speak to Jamie Brelsford on 01625 435130 who will be able to advise you and pair you with the best Data Solutions Partner. Our commitment as an Anoto Print Partner means that you will get the best advice and the best solution to your project.