A3 Posters and Banners for Cheshire FA

Printed A3 Posters for the Cheshire FA

When the Cheshire FA launched their Small Sided Leagues in 2014, they entered into a competitive market. However with excellent marketing and professional standard by March 2015 they had already set up 5 leagues in Sandbach, Macclesfield, Bebington, Holmes Chapel and Middlewich. To compliment their digital marketing strategies, they used a number of printed products including roller banners, vinyl banners and A3 posters.

Spiral Colour are able to supply all three items at a very economic cost due to their digital and litho printing presses and finishing equipment. These machines are dedicated to produce printed A3 posters, leaflets etc. at a very economic cost. They are also short-run specific (anything below 20,000), making the Cheshire FA’s A3 posters a very economic way of marketing their product with excellent return on investment.

Pull Up Banners & Vinyl Banners

Spiral Colour also supplied roller banners and vinyl banners for the same campaign, and with Spiral being one of the UK’s premier suppliers of these products through their e-commerce site Banner Printing Android, we were able to offer the right kind of roller banner to suit its use and budget.

Outdoor Posters

The vinyl banners were perfect for the outdoor marketing, we were also able to offer posters printed onto a waterproof and durable substrate called Opalite. This is much more satisfactory than laminating a poster which leaves the edges open to the elements. The Opalite is very durable too and is perfect for any long-term outdoor posters.

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