Hoarding Services

The hoarding that you can see in the images above had been created and installed for Hall & Co Property Development.

Site Survey

As always, we send a member of the Spiral team to undergo a site survey. This is to ensure that the site will be safe and also to discuss our hoarding services which include hoarding requirements and taking measurements.

Once the measurements had been taking on site, it meant that the hoarding could be designed and created at our headquarters. The hoarding can then be made to measure meaning that the boards will fit perfectly when installing them. This saves time for our team which then saves money for the end user.

The job at Hand

The design team had a particularly difficult job when it came to designing hoarding to fit one a wall. To make sure that the hoarding was even, we added a frame. This also meant that it was easier for passers by to see as it is set higher from the brick. As you can see, we also created hoarding in the form of a gate. This was created for builders to enter the building site. The design team used software when creating the hoarding to ensure that the design flows smoothly when the gates are closed.


Spiral Installation Team

At Spiral Hoarding, we have our own installation team to install our customers hoarding. We provide our own team because we can oversee the project from start to finish and provide a quality installation service. It also saves the end user time and money as they don’t need to spend their own time hire another company.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out any information about our hoarding services, or would us to conduct a site survey for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact out team on 01625 435 130.