Adlington Homes Signage

Brand new luxury retirement apartments built by Adlington were in need of signage to be installed at the front of the site to advertise 1,2 and 3 bedroom properties for sale. Adlington luxurious retirement apartments are created for later living. They offer a safe and secure location with 24 hour care available for those who need it.

Site Survey

Before we take on a project, we send a Spiral Colour team member to undergo a site survey. This will involve taking measurements, health and safety checks as well as discussing requirements with our customer.

Professionally Fitted

When creating and installing products, we aim to provide the best quality available. When creating the signage for Adlington, we knew that the site will still be in the development stages for a number of years. This is why we used Dibond materials to create the Adlington Homes Signage. Dibond is created by sandwiching a pvc centre in-between two aluminium sheets. Dibond can last up to 7 years and is coated with anti graffiti laminate making the material easy to clean.

The Spiral Colour team created Adlington Homes signage in-house before installing on site. This is why the site survey is so important to ensure that we take the correct measurements. Creating products at our headquarters enable us to save time which in turn saves money for our customers. Once the signage had been completed, we transported it over to Staffordshire to be installed.

Installation Team

At Spiral, we have our own installation team. Providing our own team saves time and money for our customers as they don’t have to commission another company to install our products. It also means that we can see a job through from start to finish. Once the installation team had arrived with the signage, they dug the holes and safely installed ready for passers by to see!


Get in Touch

Would you like to know more about hoarding in your area?  If so, feel free to get in touch with the Spiral Hoarding team by calling 01625 435 130. If you would also like a FREE professional site survey for your business,we can provide that too!