Trustford Wilmslow Hoarding

The Spiral Hoarding Team created and installed Wilmslow hoarding for Trustford. Trust ford have 47 Ford dealerships across the UK.

Site Survey for Wilmslow Hoarding

We sent a member of the Spiral Hoarding team to undergo a free site survey before the project to discuss the needs of Trustford. Once we had discussed sizes and placements, it was time to hand over to our designers.


TrustFord felt thats it was time to complete a whole refurbishment of their old showroom. Hoarding boards were installed to inform the public that Trustford they were still open to the public during construction.
The central hoarding was designed and printed by our team, then placed around the perimeter of the Trustford land which faced the A34. The A34 is a busy road which sees thousands of vehicles pass each and every day. The hoarding would also be great advertisement for potential customers, especially with the images of the incredible cars on.

We installed three repeated designs for Trustford. Every panel consisted of a 6ft high frame with 4ft by 8ft landscape panels. A 2ft gap had be left between the hoarding and the floor. This was to ensure that all aspects of the hoarding could be seen by those passing by.


Hoarding Panel Materials

When choosing the hoarding panels for Trustford. We had to take into consideration how long the construction would take. We decided to use Dibond materials for the panels as they are hardwearing and can last up to 7 years. We also wanted to do the images of the cars justice by printing them with the highest quality inks possible. We used UV inks for this which also ensures that the design of the hoarding won’t fade. Anti-graffiti laminate finished the hoarding off which can be cleaned with strong detergents as well as protecting and enhancing graphics.

Installation & Printing Services

At Spiral Hoarding, we like to oversee your project from start to finish. This includes the designing of your hoarding to installing it. The reason that we like to take control of the project is to take any hassle away from our customers. This means that they won’t have to find another installation company to install the hoarding which will also save them money too. The installation team will also work closely with your designers to ensure that we achieve the best results possible for your business.

Contact Our Hoarding Team

If you would like to hear more information about Wilmslow hoarding or hoarding for any other location in the UK, please give the Spiral Hoarding team a call on 01625 435 130