MMP Office Decal

Spiral took a trip to MMP as they were looking to have their offices re vamped for all of their staff. MMP wanted to discuss having office decal and vinyls designed, created and installed by Spiral for their new look office.

MMP Site Survey

Before we could get the project underway, we conducted a site survey. This consisted of sending Spiral team members to take measurements and also discuss in detail how MMP would like their designs to look. This included discussing shapes, fonts, colours and so forth to make sure that we achieve the best results possible.

Office Decal Designs

Each member of staff at MMP had been asked to send in an image which they can relate to childhood memories. The images were then placed into a design which could be printed and installed on one of their office walls. The same was also done for favourite sayings and motivational quotes as well as inspirational images such as the light bulb design. The reason that …… had decided to re vamp their offices this way was to show the staff that they are valued. It also boosts moral and bonds teams together as well as getting to know a little more about each other.

The designs and artwork also give a modern feel to the office. This will motivate staff to work even harder as MMP want them to be working in a place that they enjoy coming to.

Spiral Installation Team

We have our own installation team at Spiral Colour. We feel that it is better for the end user that we install bespoke vinyls ourselves. This is because we can oversee the whole project from start to finish and make sure that it has been finished to a high standard. It also means that our clients don’t have to spend time and money trying to find another installation team to finish the job.

Contact Spiral Colour

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