The Old Longbridge Plant Graphics

The Spiral team were asked by the agency Fluid Ideas in Derby to create graphics for the reception area of a business based at the old Longbridge plant in Birmingham, hence the pictures of the mini’s.

The Old Longbridge Plant

The Classic Mini’s used to roll off the production lines at the old Longbridge plant. Originally an Austin plant, the factory had been used by the likes of BMW,  BMC, British Leyland, and finally MG Rover. The factory ended up shutting its doors several years after the MINI production returned to its true home.

Site Survey

As always, we sent team members from Spiral Colour to undergo a site survey before the task had been started. We wanted to know which materials would be needed in order to get the best effect and where the graphics could be best positioned as well as completing the relevant safety checks.

Plant Graphics

When constructing the three pieces of art, the graphics were printed on to a fire retardant fabric and installed into an aluminium frame. The frame had been supplied by our sister company, Stormguard. Any size frame can be manufactured, we just need to know the dimensions that you are in need of. In this case, the graphics for the old Longbridge plant measured 4 metres in height and were installed in the main reception area to welcome staff and visitors and remind them of the plants history. The top of the wall where the graphics ended measured  7 metres high, we then needed to use access vehicles to help with the installation. Before the work had started, we covered the floor up to make sure that we didn’t damage it.

Graphic Installation

At Spiral Colour, we have our own in-house installation team. This is because we like to overlook the whole of the project from start to finish so that we can guarantee complete satisfaction for the end user. It also means less hassle for the end user as they don’t have to look for another company to install their graphics and we provide an all in one service.

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