Belvoir Internal and External Branding

The Spiral Colour team created, printed and installed internal and external branding and signs for Belvoir UK Lettings and Estate Agency.

On Site Survey

Before any of the work took place, as usual, we sent a team to undergo a site survey to work out placements and fittings after meeting with Belvoir to discuss their overall needs.

Internal and External Branding and Signs

Once the work had started, our team had been give instructions to create signs and branding for different aspects of the lettings agency. We printed Window Vinyl which was printed and then installed to cover the whole window.

We also created a map for Belvoir by printing it onto Foamex boards. Usually, most printing companies would have to print the map on two pieces of Foamex, however we printed it onto one. This is because we have a 3m x 2m flatbed press which is big enough to print the map onto one board instead of two. The outcome is that the map looks better and it also saves money for the end user as only one board of Foamex was needed to print the design. The map was then installed onto the wall by our team and catches the eye really well.

The Spiral Team also had to install the whole of the fascia on the agencies front. This was used by printing the design onto Aluminium Panels. The reason that Aluminium Panels were used was to ensure that the design lasts and also stays protected against the weather.

When creating the ‘Be with Belvoir!’ slogan, it was created by cutting 10mm pieces of Foamex to give the 3D effect.

Internal and External Branding installation

As mentioned previously, our team also installed all of the signs and branding as well as creating them. We do this because we can oversee the whole project from start to finish and ensure that the end user is happy with our work. It also makes it easier for the end user as they don’t have to hire another company to install our designs, causing hassle and costing more money.

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