Hoarding Installation Adlington Retirement Apartments

The Spiral Hoarding team came up with a hoarding design then created and installed it for Adlington luxury retirement apartments in Macclesfield. The apartments will have 24 hour care available for those who live there as well as beautiful views as they overlook the nearby canal.

Site Survey

As always, before any hoarding is created, we sent a member of the Spiral Hoarding team to undergo a site survey at the Adlington site.

Hoarding Creation

As you can see in the images above, the hoarding had to be installed on a hill. Installing hoarding on a hill can be difficult as there are different factors to take into considertnation. This is where our designer steps in and creates a schematic diagram to make sure that the boards are fitted by our team in the correct position so that the design is even.

Our designer takes into consideration the placement of bins, lampposts, walls, telephone wires and more to ensure that the fitting is perfect. The reason that we create a schematic diagram is because it speeds up the whole process of installing the hoarding. This resulted in saving time and money for Adlington.

To overcome the problem of the steep hill, our team crated mitred headers and kickers to create a smooth flow up the hill. They even had to cut around the bridge wall in order to fit the hoarding correctly.

The  team also created angles which were painted Gladmond blue to match the hoarding colours. We even made sure that the screws ran straight along the whole of the hoarding and painted the screw caps blue too. The hoarding was scribed at the bottom to follow the lumps and bumps in the path.

Hoarding Printing

The hoarding design was printed onto high quality aluminium composite panels using the Jetix 2m x 3m flatbed press. The size of this flatbed enables us to print two panels at the same time which allows us to speed up the printing process, again passing on cost savings to the end user. The panels were coated in anti graffiti laminate using 3m wide applicating table which can laminate each panel in less than 30 seconds.

Hoarding Installation

With every hoarding project that the Spiral Hoarding team take on, we install the hoarding ourselves. We do this so that we have full control over the project and make sure that the whole project has been completed correctly.

Contact Spiral Hoarding

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