Unique Digital Door Wrapping

Unique Digital are an ambitious multi-channel marketing and strategy company who are driven by data. They were looking to add individuality to each door in every office in their building.

Site Survey

Before starting the job, as always we sent out a team member to undergo a site survey to get a better insight as to what Unique Digital required and to talk about how we could make their doors look as effective as possible. Because Unique digital were looking to have so many different colours, we also needed to discuss which colours would bring out the most positive effects on the whole office.

Door Wrapping

We had directly produced and installed office branding in the form of vinyl text with missions statements and quotes. There were 13 doors in total, however not every door was the same which meant wrapping had to be applied and cut around windows and other door features. We also wrapped each door in a different colour. Instead of painting the doors, we came to a conclusion with Unique Digital that door wrapping would create a better effect. Meeting rooms and offices are now easy to identify and it makes for a colourful and exciting office environment.


At Spiral, we send our own installation team out to your business to complete the job. The reason that we do this is to make easier for you as you don’t have to find another installation team, and also so we can over see the project and make sure that everyone is 100% happy with the outcome.

Get In Touch

If you’re in need of our team to carry out door wrapping or any other service at your company, or would like to know more information about us, please dont hesitate to call us on 01625 435130. You can also get in touch by emailing us at sales@nullspiralcolour.com.