Bespoke Lightboxes

The Spiral team were asked by Cinnamon Agency to create bespoke Lightboxes, Photo booths, Information points, Table numbers, a Video booth and more. Cinnamon were hosting an event for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, who wanted to invite many guests to learn more about how they are changing lives for the better.

Over 100 products were created by Spiral and installed for the big night ahead by Cinnamon. Each and every one were bespoke products made specifically for the forthcoming event.

Bespoke Lightboxes

The Spiral team created 32 light boxes in total for the Cinnamon agency, each one made with a different country with relevant information for each specific country. The lightbox window at the top highlights the Country by using back-lit film with battery operated flood lights. The reason we used battery operated flood lights was so guests didn’t have to navigate through wiring from 32 different light boxes!

We used the T3 frame system which is both lightweight and robust and is a superb system when used together with polypropylene or Foamex panels.  It is quickly and easily erected and needed to be installed in a matter of a few hours in time for an early conference start time.  The lighting we used was battery operated and a number of battery changes were required throughout the day to ensure the fag panels were lit.

Photo Booth and Video Booth

A Video Booth and a Photo Booth were set up using the same T3 system.  Again a relatively short time was given for complete set-up, so the graphics and the frame had to be quickly and easily assembled.  Novo Nordisk who were the company hosting the event, work with cinnamon to create symposiums to educate and raise awareness of their products.  The Photo booth and video booth enabled guests to have their say, and a reminder of what had been learned throughout the day.

We Create & Install Your Bespoke Products

Bespoke products such as these are just a few of the requests we receive from customers on a daily basis.  When our clients need print related solutions, we are here as a team to deliver.  We have in-house installation teams too.  This means we can take the worry of installing products away from you.  Keeping everything in-house, and working with designers and event organisers means we have complete control over the project from start to finish.

Contact Our Spiral Team

If you would like to get in touch with us to hear more information about the products that we have to offer, please dont hesitate to call our team on 01625 43513. You can also reach us via email at