5 ways to use large format printing to make a gigantic impact


In the old days there were severe size limitations for printers. That’s why giant billboards were composites; the biggest sheets machines could handle were so small that a massive image could only be achieved by putting up to 96 sheets together – and hoping that no-one could see the joins.

Nowadays technology has moved on and large format printing is… what’s the word? Massive!

We won’t bore you with technical specs or facts and figures about the sizes large format printing can achieve nowadays. Although we’re always keen to talk about our amazing presses including a Jetrix Flatbed and a 3.2 metre wide Starjet. We’re also really proud of our ability to print on tricky materials including wood, glass and metal – as well as more conventional paper and PVC.

But the real point is this: anything’s possible. All you need to do is understand the amazing possibilities and decide what you want. Then come to us and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

So here, by way of inspiration, are five ideas for going large with your promotions and events. Really large.

  1. Dominate a public space

In big spaces like the atrium of a skyscraper, a piazza or a city square, everything is large scale. So banners have to be proportionately vast to have the required impact. With our ability to create hanging banners at least 9 metres high, one thing’s for sure. Your message won’t whisper.

  1. Take over a wall

Fancy covering a complete wall with a single image of the Manhattan skyline, or Earth seen from space, or a spectacular sunset, or a slice of cake in extreme close-up? You name it, we’ll print it and install it. All you have to do is admire the view.

  1. Order a bespoke wallpaper

At Spiral we have wide experience of creating one-off wallpapers for very specific locations. Recently we were commissioned by Wigan Athletic FC to produce a wallpaper featuring their new sponsor’s logo. We measured up on Thursday and the paper was in place for a big match the following Sunday. What’s your challenge?

  1. Create a unique interior design

When you need an interior to look unique, we’re on the case. From vinyl graphics for a window or glass partition to graphics for a reception desk, interior banners or creating a wall full of Banksy style graffiti, we’re full of ideas and adept at making them even more spectacular than you imagined.

  1. Wrap a van or truck

If you think van liveries have to be just a big logo stuck on the side, think again. We can wrap any vehicle using any pattern or colours you desire. The finished quality is perfect and the attention to detail is meticulous. To put our wrapping skills in van terms…WE DELIVER!

Think big and we’ll make it happen. Whether you need ideas or have an ambitious concept and need a way to make it work, let’s talk.